We believe women deserve great sex.

With your partner, with yourself, with whomever you please

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Our Founder

Kelly Pigeon

I discovered this category of products called clit arousal serums exactly where you might expect: in a boardroom. While working at Johnson & Johnson, I heard my colleague talking about the launch of a product that would give you a clit-stimulated orgasm with just a few drops (and the usual manual or toy stimulation). Intrigued, I gave it a try - and wow, it was a game changer!

I recognized the potential of this product category, particularly for heterosexual partnered sex where there is a real gap in sexual pleasure: men orgasm 95% of the time vs. women only 65%. As I connected with more friends and colleagues, I quickly realized how many people are seeking more frequent, better orgasms. Motivated to create an exceptional version of this type of product, I connected with an incredible formulator, and spent a a year going through 25 iterations to get to this final product that I'm incredibly proud to offer you today.

Our driving force

We proudly stand as champions of pleasure.

We decided to create a product that celebrates and prioritizes the diverse, nuanced, and empowering landscape of clit stimulated pleasure. 

Epiphany is about curating an experience that emboldens couples and individuals to take the reins of their pleasure.