Epiphany is female founded, formulated and tested.

Hear directly from the lead formulator who invented our one-of-a-kind formula on how it works, what each of the ingredients does, and how it was carefully pH balanced. Interested our startup story? Check out our About Us page.

The scientist behind a groundbreaking product

Meet Natalie, Epiphany's lead formulator, who has earned her Masters in Biomedical Engineering. She helped the team work through 25 iterations of the formula over the course of a year before we arrived at this final version we are proud to bring you today.

Let's talk pleasure: How does the Clit Arousal Serum work?

The short version: it works with your body's natural responses to ignite a warm, tingling sensation that elevates pleasure and heightens awareness. Three ingredients do the work:
1. Propylene Glycol = Triggers warming sensation
2. Vanillyl Butyl Ether = Adds the sexy spice
3. Menthyl Lactate = Adds the tingly feeling.
Natalie explains how our serum works in the video

Ingredients: What's it made with?

This silky formula is never greasy or sticky, and made with natural ingredients. 100% vegan. Natalie walks through the details of each ingredient, one by one, in the video.

Respect for your body's natural harmony: pH Balance

This US-made formula is pH balanced, and designed to maintain that balance over time.